Dating crazy women

01-Jul-2020 13:35

For example, “I bought this convection oven six months ago and it’s already broken with no warranty!” What if previous suitors on dating sites could leave reviews like, “This contestant looks like her profile picture! ” It would be good to get a heads-up of this nature when looking for your next potential mate.‘My boyfriend called me crazy because he caught me trying to look at his phone, after I’d been quizzing him about some suspect messages I’d seen come up on the screen.Two days later, when he was in the shower, I managed to look, and lo and behold there were half naked pictures of girls.So I have, in my vast experience observed both the behavior of Crazy Women and listened to the advice of Normal Women.I used graphs, bar charts and rigorous statistical analysis and found that Crazy Women do in fact exhibit an extremely predictable pattern.

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Learn more Around this time two years ago, I created an online dating profile. I wasn’t opposed to dating, but I had exhausted the friends of friends category. She advised me that online dating probably wasn’t the path to a relationship, but it would get me out of my dating rut.

One of those things is the ability to spot, at a great distance, and with great accuracy, a Crazy Woman.