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The article mentioned the rumors of divorce spread over a few years after they separated and Buffy spent time with another man.You probably heard her name before, Elizabeth Franks was married for 17 years to race car driver Michael Waltrip before the couple decided to call it quits in 2010. Elizabeth Buffy Franks was born on April 5, 1967 in Louisiana.She was seen with another man and their house was put up for sale since 2008.Dale Jarrett is a former race car driver who has won many awards.He last raced in the 2017 Daytona 500, driving the No. According to his autobiography In the Blink of An Eye, Waltrip's career started at age 15.When he was 15 he phoned his older brother Darrell Waltrip, who was out racing in the 1978 Daytona 500 and asked Darrell to help him build a career in NASCAR.

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When Michael asked his dad for help, his dad ignored his requests.He takes responsibility about his ‘frozen state’ and its effect on the marriage and how he had ‘sabotaged’ it.Despite him admitting to Buffy about his issues, they had already become too distant from each other; and though she soon moved out with their daughter, the couple continue to remain friends.Michael Curtis Waltrip (born April 30, 1963) is a retired American professional stock car racing driver, racing commentator, and published author.

He is the younger brother of three-time NASCAR champion and racing commentator Darrell Waltrip.

Dashing roadster, Michael Curtis Waltrip married Elizabeth Franks, in 1993. They met in 1992 and fell in love when Michael got hurt in a car crash.