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26-Jul-2020 02:12

I believe the proposed patch is OK, but still tables created prior to the patch are, let's say, "wrong". Update module source code 4.1 **Make sure that, if there is any column named "__pk" in table "flag_content" you set it to NOT NULL manually 4.2 Completely disable (comment) updates 73, for these updates to run properly the flag module must be enabled again, we will do that later. ***Modify update 7303 in flag.install, comment lines 519 through 542: // A serial field must be defined as a key, so make a temporary index on // 'fcid' so we can safely drop the primary key. COMMENTS: * This is required at least when running with SQL Server, but I guess would do no harm on other databases.I can update the create Technical Primary Column() method to check if the column is nullable and update it accordingly: protected function create Technical Primary Column($table) But i'm not sure this is a good idea, any feedback is welcome. // @see db_add_index('flagging', 'temp', array('fcid')); // Drop the primary key so we can rename the field. By the way, it helps make sure you have no dependencies on flag that get broken after the upgrade, such as Friend Flag.You can modify the primary key of a table by changing the column order, index name, clustered option, or fill factor.In This Topic To modify a primary key To modify a PRIMARY KEY constraint using Transact-SQL, you must first delete the existing PRIMARY KEY constraint and then re-create it with the new definition.

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When applying update or delete operations on parent tables there may be different requirements about the effect on associated values in child tables.

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This is because serial type is treated as IDENTITY, and there is no way to perform UPDATE statements on IDENTITY fields, neither to apply/remove the IDENTITY property to an existing column.

Specify how many records to be output into a single file.Foreign key constraints ensure the relational integrity of data in associated tables.A foreign key value may be NULL and indicates a particular record has no parent record. Employees may have only one primary job at one time.