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My husband joined in about 6 months ago, and took MONTHS to receive just 1 place, he ended up getting about 5 different places to clean, but all were taken due to "poor quality" when we never were told by the building people themselves that we weren’t cleaning good enough.

One of these places specifically said "NO DUSTING", after 2 months ofs cleaning, the clean net decided to inspect the different places we cleaned at and all of a sudden, clean net says that one building complained about "how we didnt dust", then we were told to go into that building later that night to clean, we did, and 2 days later our building was terminated because we so called "refusd to show up that night to dust".

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Elena Walid wrote: THIS company, is a SCAM, and ONLY steals your money.

Immediately after the attack, when followers asked if she was OK, she replied: 'Just about but Michael wasn't so lucky. In a statement released to the Birmingham Mail, Danielle's management confirmed that Michael was still being treated in hospital for his injuries, which are understood to be tetanus-related.

They also report that the dog has been destroyed following the attack.

We eventually lost all but 1 of our cleaning places due to not showing up to clean, which is a total lie, we show up EVERYDAY and perform our duties correctly.

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