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All translations can be played solo or together in any combination simultaneously as ensemble pieces.

Solo versions or combinations can be played alone or after each other as movements or between other pieces in a concert (or on different concerts) as ritornellos.

With no way to predict what could happen, foolhardy television producers all over the world trusted these bands to deliver a conventional, family-friendly slice of rock ‘n’ roll.

Luckily for us, what they ended up with the madness that occupies this list.

The cycle will continue on the internet, where studio recordings of the premiered translations can be heard solo or in any combination, later extended with an interactive web-translation, called Above Next To Beside Besides, and more.

Two or more translations performed by the same player with video; the second translation played together with a video recording of the first, the third translation played together with a video recording of the second performed with the video recording of the first, etc.

This can happen even though standards bodies and browser vendors have taken important steps, like requiring websites to indicate to users when a camera or microphone turns on and to explicitly ask permission to do so.

Live television is a beautiful thing – especially when you decide to throw hard rock’s most notorious pranksters and all-around unstable maniacs in front of a camera.

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SNL’s usually conventional live performances turned into a destructive mosh-fest as Fear fans were let loose onto the studio floor.

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