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01-May-2020 17:29

Ancient Greeks distinguished between the ptochos (Greek: πτωχός, "passive poor" or "beggars") and the penes (Greek: ποινής, "active poor"), with the latter being accorded a higher social status.

The New Testament contains several references to Jesus' status as the savior of the ptochos, usually translated as "the poor", considered the most wretched portion of society.

Begging (also panhandling or mendicancy) is the practice of imploring others to grant a favor, often a gift of money, with little or no expectation of reciprocation.

A person doing such is called a beggar, panhandler, or mendicant.

According to a study in the journal of the Canadian Medical Association, "(70%) [of beggars] stated that they would prefer a minimum-wage job, typically citing a desire for a 'steady income' or 'getting off the street.' However, many felt they could not handle conventional jobs because of mental illness, physical disability or lack of skills." Beggars have existed in human society since before the dawn of recorded history.

Begging has happened in most societies around the world, though its prevalence and exact form vary.

One reputable estimate suggests that 74 percent of singles looking for a mate now turn to dating sites like e Harmony,, and Ok Cupid, which use algorithms to pair people up based on answers to sets of questions.

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