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• Introduction • What Types of Pottery Are There? Like cave painting, as well as other types of prehistoric art, the invention and development of pottery is a reflection of social, economic and environmental conditions - many of which are still poorly understood - and a significant indicator of a society's cultural development.

The earliest form was Chinese Pottery, which first appeared in Jiangxi, to the south of the Yangzi River basin.

• History and Development of Pottery • Paleolithic Pottery • Neolithic Pottery in China • Pottery Spreads From China • Amur River Basin and Siberia (Russia) • Japan • Europe • Ancient Persia • Middle East • Ancient India • Americas • Africa • Ancient Greece • Developments in Chinese Pottery Pottery, also called ceramics or ceramic art - the creation of objects, mainly cooking or storage vessels, made out of clay and then hardened by heat - was the first functional art to emerge during the Upper Paleolithic, after body painting.

Moreover, while the first ceramic vessels must have provided Stone Age hunter-gatherers with several new opportunities for cooking and consuming foods, we have almost no idea of how early pots were used.

Cork is composed of dead cells that accumulate on the outer surface of the cork oak tree.

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